As always, the case of art and non-art creates slippery boundaries. Taha Hamed’s work is a new-fashioned knowledge on a new fashioned expression. What is called art, will be defined throughout the path and the constant stations of history of art and stylistic can only help artists to explain the past and entangle them. This historical names are just the views behind us that are hardly the lights of our future, specially in art. Taha Hamed, as a young and active artist is himself a reason for fast accelerating of the changing of this illustrated world of ours. The world which is skipping either the illusion of structuralize reality or realistic structure. The borders of art understanding and economic irrationality have become more wide-spreading. The reflective points of this stunt include: the flowing source of design, counter-nature colors. The detached understanding of art history, visual-virtual study, childish imitation of new mythos, the evanescence of time and memory. I would call this aspect a crusty style. It seems like an onion becoming naked with a thousand endless layers. The collection of snoopy kisses is truly a forbidden love that is evaluated for destroying art and what is formed as training and theory is now our today’s painting. The work matter of an painter is a venture far away from today’s collective wisdom. Javid Ramezani, Shahrivar 95